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Do I Need Separate Insurance For My Boat Trailer? 

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Insurance can be tricky — especially when you are wondering what exactly it covers. Let us help you demystify some of the ins and outs of car insurance and how it relates to your boat trailer. For example, if you own a car, a boat, and a boat trailer, how do you make sure your boat trailer is properly insured? Here are the answers to some questions you may be asking yourself. 

Is Separate Boat Trailer Insurance Required? 

Generally, no. Technically, there is no specific “boat trailer insurance.” You can add your boat trailer to your boat insurance policy, but typically, your car insurance liability coverage will include your boat trailer if it is towed behind your vehicle. 

If you have an accident that involves your boat trailer, in most states your liability insurance will work in much the same way it does for your car – it’s there to help pay for damages your trailer may cause to others. 

Is Boat Insurance Required if You Have Car Insurance? 

Sometimes. Unlike your car’s liability insurance, most states do not require boat owners to purchase insurance for their boats. You will need to check with your state of residence to be sure.  

However, many marinas require some form of insurance if you wish to use a slip or mooring. Add to this the fact that if you still have a loan against your boat (as opposed to owning it outright), the finance company will require you to carry insurance for at least the remaining loan amount. Even if you don’t have a legal requirement to carry boat insurance, it can be a valuable form of financial protection for boat owners. 

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Does Your Car Insurance Cover Towing Your Boat Trailer and Boat? 

Perhaps. If you have a car accident while you are towing your boat trailer and it causes bodily harm or property damage to another person or their vehicle, your car’s insurance policy’s liability coverage can protect you financially up to the liability limits of the policy. 

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Boat Trailer? 

Homeowners insurance may cover your boat trailer under some circumstances. Your homeowners insurance may cover the theft of your boat trailer from your home or the damage to your boat trailer caused by issues like fire, hail storms, or flooding while it is being stored. It is important to know what your homeowners insurance policy will cover and up to what dollar limits. Boat trailers are not always included, or if they are, there may be a lower dollar limit for them unless you request to have a rider placed on the policy (which adds protection but will cost more in premiums). 

Should You Talk to an Insurance Advisor About Coverage for Your Boat Trailer? 

This is an easy one. Yes. The details of coverage for your car, boat, and boat trailer can be tricky for most of us to parse out. By speaking with a trusted insurance professional who is knowledgeable about car insurance, boat insurance, and homeowners insurance, you can find a solution that will give you the coverage that you need at an affordable price

Find Affordable Car Insurance and Get Boat Trailer Coverage 

If you are looking for cheap car insurance in Alabama and Louisiana that fits your needs, USAgencies Insurance is here to help you and answer all your questions about additional coverage for your boat trailer. For great insurance that won’t break the bank, get a fast and free car insurance quote online, visit one of our offices or call USAgencies at (800) 420 -3712 today.