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Your Smartphone Could Be Your Best Friend After a Car Accident

We’ve all heard how driving and calling or texting on your Smartphone is dangerous and should be avoided at all times. That’s because distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes resulting in serious injury or death.


Let’s be honest, taking pictures of yourself and posting them on social media, such as Instagram, while sitting behind the wheel of a speeding car is a dangerous proposition. But, if you happen to be involved in an automobile accident, your Smartphone could turn out to be your best friend – as long as it wasn’t the cause of your wreck.


Once the so-called smoke has settled, make sure you aren’t injured before exiting your vehicle. Check on the other driver’s condition as well and call 911, if necessary.


If everyone is alright, it’s time to start taking photos and video evidence at the scene for auto insurance purposes as even a minor fender-bender can escalate into a lawsuit.


Documenting the damage

Use your Smartphone to take as many photos as possible of the damage resulting from the accident, including:

  • Your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle – get both long shots and close-ups of both vehicles.
  • Any debris on the road in relation to the position of the vehicles.
  • Brake or skid marks, if any.
  • Interior of both cars for deployed airbags – look for spilled drinks in the other vehicle, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, if window glass was broken, and other major damage.
  • Your injuries, if possible. Also, video the other driver to be sure you have a record of his lack of injuries just in case he claims he was seriously injured later on.


Don’t forget to take notes

While your Smartphone is a valuable tool to document your accident, don’t forget to take notes. However, if you’re too shaken to jot down the other driver’s information, use your phone to take photos of:

  • License plates
  • Insurance information
  • Contact information, including phone numbers


Evidence gathering

Your Smartphone can also come in handy should a witness to the accident be willing to make a video statement of what they saw. Have them include their names and contact information on the video.


Of course, the best-case scenario is – you won’t need any of the information or photos you record on your Smartphone but, if you do – you’ll have it at your fingertips.


The same can be said when shopping for low-cost auto insurance – Louisiana and Alabama car insurance quotes are just a Smartphone call away. Call USAgencies today at (800) 420-3712 just make sure you’re not driving at the time. You can also get a free car insurance quote online.