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Cracking Down – Getting Uninsured Drivers Off the Road

Cracking Down - Getting Uninsured Drivers Off the Road

All states are cracking down on uninsured drivers. Driving without car insurance costs the insurance companies and the drivers a lot of money every year.

Liability car insurance is now mandatory in all states except for Virginia and New Hampshire.  However, according to Va. Code § 46.2-706, if you do not purchase auto insurance, you are required to pay an uninsured motorist fee of $500.00 per year.  In New Hampshire, drivers are responsible for damages resulting from a car accident. You have to prove financial responsibility in both states. Let’s take a look at how other states are cracking down:

Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of uninsured driving in the country. In 2016, Oklahoma launched a program in which license plate scanning cameras are used to check a database to determine the insurance status of vehicles on the road. If the car is without insurance, a letter is sent to the owner of the car and a fee of $174 is imposed.

In 2013, Louisiana created The Office of Debt Recovery. They have the power to take money directly from the bank accounts of uninsured motorists, intercept tax returns and recommend the suspension of professional licenses.

A few years ago, Tennessee’s mandatory auto insurance laws got tougher. The new law authorizes the creation of a statewide program designed to track drivers and verify insurance coverage. It raised the fine from $100 to $300 for any driver who violated the “proof of insurance law,” and it gave police the option to tow vehicles of uninsured drivers who have been cited for lack of car insurance.

The Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicle Registration began emailing notices to drivers who have been without car insurance coverage for 60 days. Those who are not able to provide proof of insurance within 30 days will have their registrations revoked.

In Illinois, driving without insurance can be charged as a petty offense. A first conviction will result in a three-month suspension of the driver’s license with a minimum mandatory $500 fine (max is $1,000) in addition to court costs and a $100 reinstatement fee. Your car can also be towed if you get pulled over by police and don’t have car insurance.

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