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How to Stay Calm Driving for the First Time

If you are about to start driving for the first time, it is reasonable to feel nervous. You’ve been waiting for this opportunity for years, but you are worried about making mistakes and getting in an accident. While nerves are normal, you can learn how to stay calm when driving for the first time. 

Learn some more about driving for the first time and find out how you can manage your stress. Once you discover how to overcome your fear of driving, you’ll fall in love with the freedom it gives you.  

Who Can Be in the Car With a Permit Driver?

If you’re driving for the first time, you likely have a permit and need to know who can accompany you on your trip. The laws for permit drivers vary by state. In California, individuals can get a learner’s permit at 15 ½ years of age. These drivers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or a licensed driver who is 25 years or older. It’s essential to check the laws for your state to ensure compliance. 

How Should You Drive for the First Time?

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Driving for the first time can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Managing your anxiety and emotions will help you as you navigate new territory. Bring a parent or a certified instructor with you for your first driving adventure. Chart a path that only contains roads that you know so you won’t have any unfamiliar obstacles such as unexpected sharp turns to navigate.

Also, when driving for the first time, don’t just jump in the vehicle and go. Adjust the mirrors and the seat, so everything is in the proper position. Then remove all distractions such as your cell phone and music. You need to keep your attention on the task at hand when driving for the first time. 

When you hit the road, accelerate slowly and maintain a moderate speed, keeping your eyes peeled for obstacles. When it is time to brake, apply it slowly, so you don’t get a jolt. Remember to check your mirrors and use your turn signal when turning and switching lanes, and obey all traffic signs. 

Driving on the Highway for the First Time

Driving on the highway for the first time is a rite of passage, but it can also produce anxiety. The freeway is an excellent place to hone your skills, though, and once you master it, you’ll have much more confidence. The key is to drive when the highway isn’t very congested. For example, go during the day when people are at work, taking special care to avoid the lunch rush. Bring someone with you for support as you test your skills on the highway.  

How to Get Used to Driving Alone

Eventually, you will have your license and be ready to drive by yourself. If you still feel nervous, you might wonder about driving and anxiety medication. Can you take medicine to calm your nerves when you’re on the road? Many drugs such as Xanax can dull your reflexes and put you at risk when you’re operating a motor vehicle. However, your doctor might recommend other types of anxiety medications, such as Buspirone or even an antidepressant. Never take any anxiety medications outside of the care of a medical professional.

You probably won’t need medication, though. Practice truly makes perfect, and as you hone your skills, you’ll realize your anxiety drifts away. Remember to continue to limit distractions and stick to the route you know as you become more comfortable behind the wheel. Also, educate yourself on different guidelines in your area, and get familiar with your vehicle’s features. Practice and knowledge zap anxiety.

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