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How to Get Your License Back with SR-22 Insurance

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From drinking and driving, an at-fault crash, or reckless driving – several infractions can leave you with a suspended driver’s license. Regardless of why you most likely want to know how long it takes to reinstate a license and what are the necessary steps to make it happen quickly?

What Do I Need to Reinstate My License?

Once your license suspension period has passed, you will most likely have to do the following to get our license reinstated:

  • Pay a reinstatement fee. The exact amount you need to pay will vary from state to state and depend upon whether your license was suspended or revoked. 
  • File an SR-22 form with your state. Depending upon the state in which you live and the reason your license was suspended, you may be required to obtain SR-22 insurance. An SR-22, also known as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, serves as proof to your state that you carry the minimum insurance liability limits that are required by law in that state.  
  • Obtain insurance coverage. It is important to note that you may now be considered a “high-risk driver.” As a result, some insurance companies may not provide coverage based on your record. Consider quotes from various companies and give preferential consideration to those that will file an SR-22 on your behalf. 
  • Consider a defensive driving course. You may not be required to take a defensive driving course after a license suspension, but such courses can help keep your insurance rates lower. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Timeline for an SR-22 Bond 

How Long Do I Need an SR-22?

The length of time SR-22 insurance is required from state to state varies. But you must demonstrate continuous insurance coverage for approximately three years. If your coverage lapses at any time during that period, your insurance company will be required to contact your state. Your license will get suspended again.

When the period for an SR-22 requirement begins also is dependent upon the state in which you live. It may start with your offense date, the conviction date, license suspension date, or the day that your license was reinstated.    

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How Do I Know When My SR-22 is Up?

 SR-22 insurance is a requirement mandated by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). Therefore, if you have any questions about how much longer you need to file an SR-22, you should contact your DMV. Your insurance company may be willing to terminate the SR-22 with your state when the requirement expires. Contact your insurance provider to learn more. 

Is There a Way How to Get SR-22 Removed from Insurance Requirements?

 There is a chance you can file an appeal with your state’s DMV. But chances are you will most likely be obligated to hold both an SR-22 bond requirement and insurance coverage for your required term. 

The best way to get rid of your SR-22 requirement as soon as possible is to drive safely and strictly follow all traffic laws. Do not drink and drive, drive the speed limit, and do your best to avoid distracted driving. If you practice positive driving habits, your SR-22 requirement will be eliminated before you know it.   

How Much Does an SR-22 Cost?

The actual cost to file an SR-22 is negligible (approximately $25). However, you will find that your insurance rates will tend to be higher while you maintain SR-22 insurance because of the infraction that caused your license to be suspended in the first place. 

It is wise to shop around for insurance coverage when you face an SR-22 requirement because your previous insurance provider may not offer the best rates. Contact USAgencies today for a quote.