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3 Reasons Every Louisiana Driver Needs a Windshield Repair Plan 

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If your car insurance plan includes collision and comprehensive coverage, your shattered windshield may be replaced under a qualifying event. But what if your windshield sustains more minor damage, such as a crack? Filing a claim against your car insurance may result in you paying more for your deductible than it would cost to fix the crack out of pocket. And if you file multiple claims in a year, you may see your premium increase. 

Luckily, you have another, possibly more affordable, option. Maybe you should consider adding a windshield repair plan to your coverage. 

Here are three good reasons why doing so is such a good idea. 

1. Windshield Repair Is Much Different (and Cheaper) Than Windshield Replacement for Louisianans  

When your windshield must be replaced, it’s likely because of serious impact. One scenario might be you’ve just had a serious road accident. Or perhaps the glass was deliberately shattered in a theft attempt. Whatever the reason, a broken windshield ultimately requires installing a replacement glass specifically designed for that make and model — and that can be quite expensive. If you have full coverage car insurance, you may be able to replace that windshield in a covered event. 

However, if you’ve put in any time at all behind the wheel in Louisiana, you’ve noticed that the road can be cruel to your windshield in a number of small ways that add up over time. Trucks and other vehicles continually kick up stones, causing little pockmarks. Damage like this can result in cracks in the glass that look unattractive and make you feel less than secure about your next trip. 

Depending on where that ugly crack is located on your windshield, it might even cause visibility problems and create a driving hazard. You definitely don’t want that to happen. It’s dangerous and could result in a serious accident. 

It’s also illegal to drive any vehicle on any kind of road with windshield glass that’s so damaged it obstructs the driver’s view. 

The good news is that a windshield repair plan gives you free, relatively minor repairs on your windshield through the injection of the highest quality resin into the chip or crack. Your glass technician can make your windshield strong once again, and the original damage can be almost impossible to notice. Once the resin is cured, not only does your glass look better, but the repair can keep these small pockmarks from becoming major problems. 

2. Big Problems Start Small 

It can be either a minor annoyance when you discover that first pockmark on your windshield or a shocking event if whatever hits your glass causes a sound loud enough to make you jump and you see a spider web crack in the corner of your view. A small spiderweb is nothing to worry about, you may tell yourself, but it is instantly noticeable. 

Here’s the real problem. Over time, a small windshield chip or crack can grow and weaken the injured glass. Imagine driving at 70 miles an hour on a congested highway and your windshield suddenly explodes. It can happen, and it usually happens at the worst possible times. 

On the other hand, the damage could grow to the point where you risk getting a ticket from a Louisiana cop who notes the visibility risk. After all, even a wet or dirty windshield can obscure your vision, so the risk you’re taking on when the glass is permanently cracked is obvious. You know you have to do something eventually. 

Yet, you might not always have the funds to get that cracked windshield repaired at the moment. How bad can the problem get? you might be asking yourself. 

Pretty bad, is the answer. It’s much better if you never have to find out just how dire the situation can get or how expensive it could be if the glass damage grows to the point where the windshield must be replaced. When this happens, you have to make an appointment and pay a lot of money for a car repair that simply won’t wait. You’re certainly not going to drive your car without a windshield or with totally mangled glass that leaves you unable to see a thing. 

With a windshield repair plan, in most cases your repair can be accomplished in under 30 minutes – and it won’t cost you a dime. 

crack in windshield

3. Windshield Repair Coverage Is Cheap for Louisiana Drivers 

Louisianans can get a windshield repair plan added to their auto policy for as little as $5-$9 per month on average. To use your windshield repair plan, simply call your claims agent at the toll-free number you’ll be given.. 

Whatever the relatively minor damage to your glass, quick and easy repairs can be done at a dealership or at your home or office. The resin injection repair process typically only takes 30 minutes or less. 

When you consider the high cost of replacing a seriously damaged windshield or turning your vehicle into a road hazard with vision-obstructing glass cracks, the cost for this coverage plan becomes incredibly cheap by contrast. 

You do everything you can to keep your personal car or the family ride as safe as possible for as long as you can. You certainly don’t want a loved one to be in an unsafe vehicle. That’s why you should consider adding a highly affordable and simple-to-use windshield repair plan to your risk reduction toolbox. 

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