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10 Tips for Safe Driving in Louisiana This Summer

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Louisiana is one of the most beautiful and scenic states of the union, especially during summertime. When the air gets warm, there is nothing quite like driving through the state with your windows down.

Of course, summer driving in Louisiana comes with its own particular set of dangers. And a nasty car wreck would be enough to end your summer vacation in the worst possible way.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning is Working

This first tip is second nature among southerners, but it bears repeating: make sure your air conditioning is in good working order, especially before you go on any long trips. If it’s been a while since your car has been in the shop, you should have a professional check your A/C at the beginning of summer.

Sure, nobody wants a mechanic’s bill at the beginning of summer. But it’s better than your air dying in the middle of a long drive!

Check Those Fluids ASAP

In the summer months, it’s important to keep your body hydrated. But did you know it’s also important to keep your car hydrated as well?

In those hot months, the fluids in your car may dry up much more quickly. That’s why it’s important to check your fluid levels and top everything off. These fluids include your coolant, oil, transmission, brake, power steering, and windshield wiper fluids.

It’s quite a fluid checklist. But getting them topped off will keep you safe all summer long.

Check Tire Inflation

Many drivers don’t pay close attention to their tire inflation levels. And that’s why flat tires often seem an unwelcome surprise to us.

And that can be even worse during the summer because every time the temperature increases by 10 degrees, it increases the pressure on your tires by one pound. So if you make sure the tires are sufficiently inflated, you don’t have to worry as much about unexpected flats or dangerous blowouts.

Invest in a Sun Shield

Sure, they look a little goofy when you see them through a windshield. But if you’re going to be driving around Louisiana in the summer, it’s important to invest in a good sun shield.

This shield keeps the interior of your car from getting too hot while you are outside of the vehicle. Not only will it keep you comfortable once you get back in your car, but these sun shields can help protect any possessions inside from the oppressive heat.

Inspect Your Belts and Hoses

If you’re not a mechanic, you may be nervous about popping the hood open and making an assessment. But one thing you can check on is the state of your belts and hoses.

If the belts and/or hoses are in rough shape, you will see things like blisters, bulges, cuts, and cracks. In addition, the summer heat has a negative effect on the rubber material, making it more likely for degraded belts and hoses to fully break down on the road.

Long story short? Try to have your belts and hoses replaced at the beginning of the summer to play it safe.

Research Destinations and Weather Conditions

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip or full-blown vacation with kids out of school and the days nice and warm. But before you hit the road, be sure to research things like directions and weather conditions related to your destination.

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We recommend using driving apps such as Google Maps because printed directions may have old and out-of-date information. Similarly, we recommend checking the 10-day forecast for your destination. For all you know, you could be driving right into the path of a nasty tropical storm!

For maximum peace of mind, consider getting a Roadside Assistance Plan.

Pack an Emergency Bag

A good bag includes cell phone chargers, jumper cables, first aid kits, repair tools, water, blankets, and towels. If you’re pretty handy, you might also throw a tire pressure gauge and a jack into your bag.

You can customize this bag to your exact needs. But simply having an emergency bag in your car will help you prepare for the unexpected while driving during the summer.

Taking Breaks on Longer Trips

Going on a long trip? We recommend you try to stop every couple of hours.

These stops give you a chance to stretch your legs, respond to text messages and phone calls, and even grab snacks and food if you’re hungry. Plus, these frequent stops can keep you from getting too sleepy. Finally, for those with passengers, you can use these stops to swap drivers to further reduce the threat of accidentally falling asleep at the wheel, which can have deadly consequences!

Inspect Brake Pads

Earlier, we talked about the importance of checking on your brake fluids. On a similar note, it’s very important to inspect the quality of your brake pads.

As with belts and hoses, brake pads will show visible wear and tear to the naked eye, even if you have no experience fixing up cars. And you are likely to hear an unpleasant noise when applying the brakes long before you lift the hood — this is a sure sign the brake pad needs to be replaced.

It’s important to know that if you end up driving through any flash floods during the summer, be sure you take the time to dry your brakes.

Travel Safer With Children

As a parent, taking your children on special trips is an amazing feeling. But it’s important to follow certain tips to make traveling with children safe.

First, make sure your kids are buckled in. Then, for maximum safety, have them buckle down in the backseat.

Second, make sure to never leave your children unattended in the car. This is always a bad idea, and in the Louisiana summer heat, it can be a fatal mistake.

Third, don’t be afraid to let your children play with something like a portable DVD player or even a phone. If you can keep them passively entertained on a long car ride, it reduces how often they will distract you with questions and complaints, including the classic question: “Are we there yet?”

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