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10 Reasons to Give Yourself the Gift of Renters Insurance in Louisiana  

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Renters insurance is one of those things that you hope you never have to use but are glad you have it if you ever need it. 

As a renter, you likely put a lot of time and effort into making your rental property feel like home. Whether it’s furnished with hand-me-downs or brand-new furniture, your belongings matter. And that’s why renters insurance is such a necessary type of coverage. 

Here are 10 reasons why every renter in the south should consider getting protection: 

1. Renters Insurance Covers Your Belongings in LA 

Your policy can protect your belongings in case of theft, fire, flooding, or other types of damage. While your landlord may have a policy that covers the building itself, it’s important to remember that this coverage does not extend to your personal belongings. So if you want to keep your things safe, be sure to purchase your own policy. 

2. It Covers You If Someone Is Injured While in Your Rental Unit 

This covers you in the event that someone is injured while in your Louisiana rental unit. If someone slips and falls, for example, and suffers an injury, your policy would cover their medical expenses. Similarly, if a guest breaks something in your home, your policy would cover the cost of repairs or replacement.  

While it’s not required by law, it’s a good idea to have this protection in case of an accident. By taking out a policy, you can protect yourself from financial responsibility in the event that someone is injured while visiting at your Louisiana rental unit. 

3. It Can Help Pay for Temporary Housing in Louisiana 

One of the benefits is that it can help cover the cost of temporary housing if your rental unit becomes uninhabitable due to damage from a covered event. While your landlord may be responsible for repairing the physical damage to your unit, you’ll still need to find somewhere else to live while the repairs are being made. This can be a costly proposition, but your policy may help cover the cost of a hotel or other temporary housing. In addition, your policy will likely cover the cost of eating out while you are unable to access your kitchen. So if you’re ever faced with an unexpected displacement from your home in Louisiana, be sure to check your policy to see what assistance it provides. 

4. May Cover the Cost of Replacing Lost Keys  

Being locked out of your home is always a headache, but it can be especially stressful if you’re a renter. Not only will you have to pay for a locksmith, but you may also be responsible for the cost of replacing the lost keys or lock. 

Most policies include coverage for lost keys and lockouts, as well as damage caused by involuntary entry. As a result, if you’re ever locked out of your home, be sure to check your policy to see if you’re covered. 

man sitting outside apartment door without keys

5. It Can Cover the Cost of Food Spoilage if You Lose Power During a Louisiana Winter Ice Storm 

We’ve talked about your coverage paying for your meals under your kitchen’s loss of use coverage. But did you know it can cover the cost of food spoilage if your refrigerator breaks down due to a covered event, such as lightening striking a power line or ice on a power line that causes a power outage. Additionally, if your refrigerator or freezer loses power due to a fire, the contents may be covered.  

6. Renters Covers the Replacement of Damaged Clothing or Electronics 

When you buy a new piece of clothing or an expensive device, you probably don’t think twice about what would happen if it were damaged. But what if your new jacket got ripped or your brand-new tablet stopped working? Although it can be costly to replace damaged items, many policies will cover the cost of replacement. That means that you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered in case of an accident. So when you’re shopping for a new policy, be sure to ask about coverage for replacement of damaged items. It could give you the reassurance you need to make a purchase with confidence. 

7. Some Policies Offer Liability if Your Pet Injures Someone 

Most policies offer liability if someone is injured while on your property. That may extend to damages caused by your pet biting someone. In some cases, this protection is not extended to certain breeds, but if your policy covers your pet, then you’ll have some help for medical bills if the person seeks care, as well as some legal cost help if they decide to sue. 

Before buying a policy, be sure to ask about coverage for pet liability. It’s one more way to help ensure that you have protection. 

8. Many Policies Offer Louisianans Discounts for Safety Features  

Having an rental policy in Louisiana is a critical form of protection for anyone who doesn’t own their home. Not only does it provide financial assistance in the event of damage to your belongings, but it can also help cover the cost of temporary housing if your apartment is uninhabitable. Many policies offer discounts for safety features like smoke detectors and deadbolt locks, which can help lower your premiums. In addition, some companies offer discounts for installing security systems or participating in community watch programs. You can help keep your costs under control by taking advantage of these discounts. 

9. You May Be Able To Get Coverage for High-Value Items  

Many people think of this coverage as a way to protect their belongings in the event of a fire or burglary. That protection can extend to high-value items like jewelry, musical instruments, and art. These items are not typically covered by homeowners, so it’s important to make sure they’re included. If you have any valuable possessions, be sure to check with your insurer to see if they’re covered by your policy. 

10. It Is Usually Very Affordable 

For many people, renting a home or apartment is the most practical and affordable option. However, it’s important to remember that your landlord’s policy will not cover your personal belongings in the event of a fire, theft, or other disaster. For just a few dollars a month, you can protect your belongings against loss or damage. In addition, it can provide liability coverage if someone is injured on your property. And if you need to temporarily relocate due to a covered event, most policies will cover the cost of temporary housing. When it comes to peace of mind, there’s no such thing as being too careful. 

For all of these reasons, it’s a good idea to give yourself the gift of renters insurance – reassurance at a price that everyone can afford! 

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