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Why Isn’t My Landlord Responsible for Wind Damage in Louisiana? 

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One of the best things about renting your home is that your landlord must fix things that get damaged. However, some who live in Louisiana have found out the hard way that landlords don’t always fix everything, especially personal property. That’s one reason why you should buy cheap renter’s insurance

Louisiana is a state constantly facing hurricanes and storms each year. This causes plenty of wind damage to dwellings across the state. Some renters discover after the fact that their landlords aren’t responsible for wind damage to personal possessions. 

What steps can you take to protect yourself and your property, and what should you do if you face damage from wind?  

Is My Louisiana Landlord Responsible for Wind Damage? 

Most of the time, Louisiana landlords are obligated to repair wind damage because they must keep their rental units in livable condition under Louisiana Civil Code article 2691. However, your landlord will not be responsible for repairs if your lease specifies that renters must handle these repairs. 

This is one of those cases where it’s important for you to check the fine print on your lease. Chances are that your landlord is responsible for wind damage, but it’s best to go ahead and check on that to make sure that is the case. Otherwise, you may not realize you are responsible for the wind damage until after a hurricane has passed through your area. 

Wouldn’t My Landlord’s Home Insurance Cover This? 

Most home insurance policies will not cover a landlord’s rental units. Your landlord’s home insurance may cover his home for wind damage, but he or she will need a business insurance policy to cover any rental properties they own. 

Will a Landlord’s Rental Property Insurance Cover Wind Damage? 

Normally, a landlord’s rental property insurance will cover things like wind and storm damage to the dwelling. If the rental property is located in a coastal area, the insurance may need to specify wind damage protection.  

It’s best to ask your landlord about this before signing a lease. If the landlord screens tenants, this will give you the perfect opportunity to ask. 

wind damage to roof

Does the Landlord Have to Pay For My Stuff That Was Damaged in a Wind Storm? 

As a renter, you do not have protection against your belongings being messed up due to wind damage – say if the roof blows off your home and your stuff gets destroyed – unless you have renters insurance. Typically, landlords are not responsible for a tenant’s personal property.  

There are many good reasons to buy affordable renters insurance in Louisiana and this is one of them. Most renters insurance policies in Louisiana cover damage caused by wind, hail, lightning and rainfall. 

Enhanced Protection Against Eviction After a Major Storm 

A recent Louisiana law offers you enhanced protections against your landlord in the face of very catastrophic storm damage. 

Following Hurricane Ida, many landlords tried to claim that their renters had “abandoned” their properties. In reality, many of these renters were trying to find somewhere safe to stay, but unscrupulous landlords knew it would be easier to claim their renters had abandoned their homes so the landlords could evict these tenants without going to court. 

Now, a new law has clarified that if your district has received a federal disaster declaration, you can evacuate for up to 30 days without being considered as “abandoning” your home. If your landlord still tries to evict, you no longer have to pay for security bonds or court costs. Plus, if your landlord attempts to evict you under these circumstances, they will have to pay you either $500 or double your rent, whichever amount is greater. 

This may be an indicator that renters in Louisiana will get more legal protections in the coming years to defend them against manipulative landlords. Right now, however, the state is considered friendly to landlords, so make sure you have a clear understanding of your rights as a tenant. 

Get the Most Affordable Renter’s Insurance Today! 

Now you know why your landlord probably isn’t responsible for wind damage to your personal property in Louisiana, but do you know where you can find the renter’s insurance you may need for protection? 

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