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4 Biggest Car Insurance Mistakes You Can Stop Making Today in Louisiana

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If you are looking for cheap car insurance in Louisiana, there are some definite dos and don’ts to this process. It is important to know your rights and responsibilities and work with an insurance advisor who can help you find the right policy for you.  

Let’s look at the four biggest mistakes you can stop making today on your car insurance. Avoiding these mistakes will help ensure that you get the car insurance you need at the best price — and that’s the kind of peace of mind that we can all use. 

1. Not Understanding Required Car Insurance Coverage in Louisiana 

It is important to educate yourself about the required insurance coverage for your car in Louisiana. All states require that you have liability coverage for your car. This covers damage to property (the other person’s vehicle or other property) and bodily harm (medical bills related to injury or death or the other person) if you get into a car accident and it is your fault. 

For drivers in Louisiana, the following amounts of liability insurance are required: 

  • $15,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident caused by the driver of the insured vehicle 
  • $30,000 for total bodily injury or death liability in an accident caused by the driver of the insured vehicle, and 
  • $25,000 for property damage per accident caused by the driver of the insured vehicle 

It’s also a great idea to learn everything you can about how to be a safe driver. By driving defensively, you may be able to avoid an accident in the first place. 

2. Not Comparing Rates for Cheap Car Insurance Before You Buy 

The cost of car insurance can vary dramatically depending upon what company you buy from and exactly what types and amounts of coverage you decide upon. Always compare rates from several different companies before you buy. The right car insurance advisor can do this for you, saving you both time and money. 

Some drivers are “more expensive” to insure based on their demographics or past driving records. Your age, gender, where you live, what type of car you drive, and your driving record are all things that can impact the cost of car insurance. Comparison shopping can end up putting money back into your pocket where it belongs, especially if you are likely to require more expensive insurance (for example, you are a brand-new driver or you have some blemishes on your driving record). 

By the same token, read everything in a policy carefully before you sign and make sure you are working with a reputable insurance advisor. “Cheap car insurance” should mean car insurance that covers all your individual insurance needs as a driver while being inexpensive.  

The wrong insurance coverage might be less expensive than some policies but might not be a good fit for what you need as a driver. For example, if you drive a car that is already paid for in full but know that you want your insurance to replace the car in the event of an accident, you will need collision insurance in addition to liability. Getting the proper type and amount of car insurance will feel “just right” for both your bank balance and your peace of mind. 

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3. Not Protecting Yourself from Uninsured Drivers in Louisiana 

All states have some uninsured drivers, and Louisiana is no exception. If you drive without insurance, you leave yourself open to financial penalties if you get caught. 

If you choose to only purchase the state-required minimum car insurance, you won’t have recourse for damages to your vehicle and any injuries if you don’t carry uninsured motorist coverage, as well. Having proper car insurance will give you the peace of mind that if something like this happens, at least you can get back on the road.  

4. Paying for Auto Insurance Coverage You Don’t Need 

The right insurance advisor will help you find cheap car insurance in Louisiana that will cover all of your needs, but not any more than that. There are many factors that determine the final bill for a car insurance policy, from dollar amount limits for death or bodily injury in an accident caused by a driver in the insured vehicle to dollar amount limits on property damage. 

In addition to liability insurance (which is required by Louisiana state law up to certain dollar amounts), many people choose to carry collision and comprehensive insurance on their cars. Collision insurance covers damage done to your car in case you get into an accident that is your fault. Comprehensive pays for damage to your ride that happens outside of an accident – like a tree falls on your car. 

Find Cheap Car Insurance in Louisiana Today 

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