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Unexpected Ways to Become a Safer Driver

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If you want to keep yourself and your family safe, it’s important to master these methods. Keep reading to discover our best tips for safer driving.

Never Brake When Hydroplaning

As a driver, there are few things scarier than hydroplaning. Once you lose control of your vehicle, you are going to want to gain control again right away.

You may try to hit the brakes by instinct, but this is the wrong move to make because it could cause your car to skid out of control. Instead, your best move is to simply ease off the gas and try to drive straight.

By reducing momentum and keeping the car steady, you can avoid skidding into a dangerous and deadly crash. If you want some real peace of mind in the event of an accident, consider adding Roadside Assistance to your insurance policy.

Kill the Cruise Control

Cruise control often feels like a gift from the heavens, especially when you go on a long trip. But would you believe that using cruise control too much can actually put you in danger?

That’s because safe driving often boils down to keeping your car under control and focusing on the road. But once you put cruise control on for a while, you surrender some of this control. Eventually, you are likely to stop focusing intensely on the road in front of you.

Long story short? If you use cruise control, try to do so only for short bursts. If you were using it to give your feet a rest, we recommend simply taking a break from driving altogether!

Add Some Fog Lights

Fog is one of the most dangerous things you can encounter while driving. That is because fog makes everything harder for you to see. And, of course, fog makes it harder for other drivers to see you.

One of the best ways to keep yourself safer is to add some fog lights to your vehicle. These low-hanging lights help cut through the fog and make it easier for you to see and increases your visibility to other drivers. Even when it’s not foggy, you will find these fog lights provide better illumination than the standard low beams.

Dim That Dashboard

When you are driving at night, your dashboard lights up to help you keep an eye on everything. But what if the dashboard was actually hurting your eyes?

When dashboard lights are too bright, they can hurt your vision and even distract you while you’re driving. This is because the bright lights can reflect off your windshield and into your eyes.

But you can simply adjust the brightness of dashboard lights down. Try to find the “sweet spot” where the dashboard is visible but not hurting your eyes and distracting you.

Aim Headlights Correctly

Have you ever adjusted where your headlights face? Many drivers don’t realize that headlights can be “aimed.” Furthermore, they may not be aiming in the right direction after you buy the car.

When your headlights are uneven or pointed low, it can actually hurt your visibility when you drive. And if you can’t see where you are going at night, you are that much likelier to crash.

Try to experiment with aiming your headlights straight ahead. While you’re at it, try to get in the habit of cleaning your headlights regularly to remove any dust that might otherwise obscure your vision.

The Right Corrective Lenses

Do you wear glasses? If so, you know that you have a lot of choices to make when you go to buy a new pair.

Basically, your eye doctor is going to offer you a variety of extra features you can add to your lenses. While some features are more important than others, we highly recommend adding an anti-reflective coating to your lenses.

This special coating reduces the light reflecting inside your lenses. And this will make a world of difference when you are driving at night. Don’t forget to put those glasses on when you review your car insurance policy.

Sleep In Before a Long Trip

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What do you worry about when you are planning a long drive? For most of us, the honest answer is “staying awake.”

Obviously, there are many things you can do to stay awake while driving. This includes consuming caffeine while you drive and taking breaks as needed. But one of the best things you can do to stay awake happens before you ever get behind the wheel.

Try to get a really long night’s rest for a couple of nights before you travel. On top of that, try to avoid any strenuous activities during that time. By conserving your energy and getting plenty of sleep ahead of time, you will be that much more awake and alert for the journey.

Watch What You Eat Beforehand

Speaking of long-distance trips, here is a really unexpected tip: what you eat before you get on the road can have a major impact on your journey.

Basically, we recommend that you eat light and eat healthy before you get on the road. You may be tempted to eat a huge meal and indulge in some junk food before a long drive. But this kind of diet can actually sabotage your entire trip.

That’s because you will feel bloated, uncomfortable, and even sleepy after eating a big and unhealthy meal. Try instead to eat light, eat healthily, and reward yourself with a big meal once you get to your destination.

Improve Your Safety With the Right Car Insurance

Now you know some of our favorite unexpected ways you can become a safe driver. But do you know the single best way to make your drives safer is to have the right insurance coverage?

Here at USAgencies, we keep you safe with the best coverage and the most competitive prices. If you’re ready to get the best car insurance, come request a quote online. Or you can come to visit us at the nearest office. Finally, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call us at 800-420-3712.