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7 Myths about Motorcycle Insurance in Alabama 

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What if the most dangerous thing about riding a motorcycle was the mind of the operator? 

Many who ride motorcycles believe some wild myths, especially when it comes to their motorcycle insurance. If you’re not careful, these motorcycle insurance myths can put you in danger and leave you very vulnerable. 

What, then, are the biggest motorcycle myths and the real truth behind them? Keep reading to find out! 

1. The Myth That You Can Loan Your Bike Out in AL 

There is nothing quite like the joy you get from riding a motorcycle. Because of this, you probably have one or more friends who may ask to borrow your bike and take it for a little joyride. Consequently, motorcycle owners circulate a common myth that if friends get into an accident with the bike (especially if they don’t know how to stay safe), the friend’s insurance will cover any damage. 

However, this is not necessarily the case. There is always a chance that your friend may have some kind of insurance that provides liability insurance when they drive another person’s vehicle. Then again, there is always a chance that they have no such insurance. If you loan your bike out and your friend gets into an accident, you may end up stuck with a major bill for any damage that they cause! 

2. The Myth That You Don’t Need Medical Payments Insurance in Alabama Because You Have Health Insurance 

It’s not a secret that riding motorcycles is more dangerous than driving cars. Because of this, it’s good for bikers to get extra insurance, such as MedPay, to potentially cover medical bills. However, there is a myth among bikers that you don’t need MedPay if you already have your own personal health insurance. 

In truth, MedPay is meant to be a supplement to your existing health insurance. Once you reach the limit of what your health insurance will cover, MedPay provides an additional layer of insurance to cover expenses. 

3. The Myth That You Only Need Minimum Insurance in Bama 

When it comes to cars, drivers endlessly debate about how much insurance they need. However, many motorcycle riders think they only need minimum coverage for their bike because the bike is so much smaller than a car. 

However, this is not true at all. Despite the smaller size, it is possible for a motorcycle to cause as much damage as a car under the right circumstances. If you have only the state-mandated minimum coverage, and you’re at fault for a major accident, you will get stuck with major bills once you reach the limits of your liability insurance

Speaking of liability insurance, that is all that state-mandated minimum insurance requires. That means if you are at fault for an accident, this insurance will not pay anything at all toward the repair or replacement of your bike. Therefore, if you want to better protect your bike, you need to go beyond minimum insurance. 

4. Myth: Your Overall  Driving Record Doesn’t Affect Motorcycle Insurance 

Cars and motorcycles are very different kinds of vehicles. Because of this, many motorcycle owners think that their previous driving record in a car doesn’t affect their motorcycle insurance. However, this could not be further from the truth! 

In reality, your insurance carrier looks at your entire record. That means somebody who has been in many accidents in a car will end up paying more for motorcycle insurance as well. 

A related myth is that if you get a different insurance carrier for your motorcycle, your previous driving history won’t matter. In reality, though, every insurance carrier will pay close attention to whether you are a safe driver and set the prices accordingly. And always keep in mind some bikes are more expensive to insure than others. 

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5. Motorcycle Insurance Myths: That Your Credit Rating in AL Doesn’t Affect Your Payments 

At some point, every driver looks at their premium and wonders how the insurance company came up with this amount. While drivers swap many stories, bikers often become convinced that their credit score has no impact on how much they are paying. 

Unfortunately, this is not true. As with car insurance, someone with good credit will ultimately pay less than someone with bad credit. And this may seem like bad news to those with bad credit. 

However, the good news is that it’s never too late to start improving your credit. And if bad credit is driving your payments up, improving your credit is an easy way to lower how much you pay. 

6. Myth: That Collision Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage Are the Same in Bama 

Even if you know a bit about insurance, it’s easy to get confused. For example, when you go beyond liability insurance, the most common insurance to add is collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Somewhere along the way, many bikers began to think that these two types of insurance are basically interchangeable. 

This isn’t true, though. In reality, collision coverage provides protection to your bike whether or not you were at fault for an accident. Comprehensive coverage, meanwhile, protects your bike from theft, vandalism, and other things that might happen when you aren’t riding. 

Both collision and comprehensive insurance are great forms of coverage to have. But they do very different things, and it’s important to know which is which when choosing your coverage. Regardless of insurance, don’t forget to pack the right helmet when driving! 

7. The Myth That Motorcycle Insurance Is Expensive 

For newer motorcycle drivers, the most persistent myth about motorcycle insurance is that it is very expensive. This is one myth that we are quite happy to say is incorrect! 

In most cases, insuring your motorcycle is cheaper than insuring your car. This means you can enjoy the protection that comes from good insurance whenever you go for a ride. But if you really want to get the best rate, it all starts by finding the right Alabama insurance company. 

Get the Most Affordable Motorcycle Insurance Today! 

Now you know the truth behind these persistent motorcycle insurance myths. But do you know where to find the right coverage at the right price? 

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