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Safety Tips for Louisiana Motorcyclists 

motorcyclist putting on gloves with helmet on

What if the best day of your life instantly became the worst day of your life? 

That’s what it’s like for many motorcycle lovers in Louisiana each year. Motorcycles are more vulnerable than cars, and this makes the road more dangerous for bikers (which is why good motorcycle insurance is so important).  In fact, in 2019, there were 1,589 motorcycles involved in crashes, and this led to 1,193 people getting injured or killed

Experts agree following these motorcycle safety tips for bikers can help. Keep reading to discover how to stay safe out there! 

Be Careful Around Intersections on a Motorcycle 

Do you know where most motorcycle accidents occur? At intersections. It’s all too common for bikes to get struck by cars at intersections. 

What can you do to stay safe? Always check for traffic, and don’t put all your trust in a green light. Even if you have the right of way, an absent-minded driver could still crash into you. This is a common occurrence when the other vehicle is turning left, so be extra-cautious when this happens. As always, the biggest danger to bikers in Louisiana remains the other drivers on the road! 

Take Extra Care when Biking On Rainy Louisiana Days 

Louisiana gets plenty of rain throughout the year, especially in the spring. While the rain often brings a welcome break from the heat, it also makes the roads dangerously wet. 

That’s why our motorcycle safety tips include rules for driving on wet roads. First, don’t drive on wet roads unless you absolutely have to. Second, make sure your hands stay dry on the wheel (if you don’t already have some, now is the time to invest in waterproof gloves). Finally, make sure you wear reflective clothing so that other drivers can see you in the rain. 

These simple tips can ensure that a rainy day isn’t your last. 

Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet is the Law in Louisiana 

One of the more obvious motorcycle safety tips is that you need to always wear a helmet when riding. In Louisiana, it’s not just a good idea. It’s also the law. 

When biking in this state, you need to have both a motorcycle-rated safety helmet as well as proper eye protection. Moreover, you can achieve both safety measures by wearing a helmet with the proper visor. Keep in mind that other helmets can actually put you in danger

Ultimately, a helmet is the single best way to reduce your chances of sustaining a fatal injury during an accident. Don’t forget that the helmet is mandatory for your passengers, too. 

man walking to motorcycle with helmet in hand

How to Pass or Not to Pass Safely in Louisiana on Your Motorcycle 

In many ways, it can be easier to pass vehicles when you’re on your bike than when you’re in a car. However, if you’re not careful, passing other drivers may be more dangerous than you can imagine. 

You shouldn’t try to pass a car unless you are a minimum of two seconds behind it. This gives you enough time to see both around the car and ahead of it. That way, there won’t be any nasty surprises as you pass them. 

On two-way streets, always make sure you have enough time to safely pass a vehicle. Don’t forget to use your turn signal; making sudden and unannounced passes may surprise other drivers and increase the odds of getting into an accident. 

When the Road Gets Rough While Riding Your Motorcycle in Louisiana 

We usually use “when the going gets rough” as a metaphor. However, bikers in Louisiana must deal with rough roads every single day. 

Before driving on rough roads, make sure you slow down and shift down a gear. Focus on your balance on the bike: rough roads can easily disrupt that balance. Finally, stick to a straight line when crossing rough areas of road. 

Find the Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in Louisiana Today 

Now you know our best motorcycle safety tips for driving in Louisiana. Even when you are the safest driver on the road, accidents can happen, and when they do, you need the protection that comes from a good insurance policy. 

Here at USAgencies, we take pride in offering Louisiana residents the most competitive rates and coverage on motorcycle insurance. If you’re ready to get the best insurance, come request a quote online. Or you can come to visit us at the nearest office. Finally, simply pick up the phone and call us at 800-420-3712