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7 Renters Insurance Myths in Louisiana (and the Truth Behind Them) 

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What if you made a costly mistake, and all because you believed a lie? 

That happens to Louisiana residents every single day. Many who rent their homes in the state skip out on renters because they’ve heard myths, lies, and half-truths about this coverage. Fortunately, we’re here to bust those myths before it’s too late! What are the biggest renters policy myths, and what is the truth behind them? Keep reading to find out! 

1. Your Landlord’s Insurance Will Cover Everything 

Many who rent think they don’t need renters insurance because their landlord already has the home covered. While that’s true, you need to understand something important: the landlord only has coverage to protect the residence, and their coverage doesn’t affect your personal property. 

What does this mean in practical terms? If your home catches fire, the landlord would only be able to pay to have it repaired or even replaced. You’ll have to purchase new furniture, electronics, or other expensive possessions on your own dime unless you have your own protection, too 

2. Renters Insurance Is Too Expensive in Louisiana 

A simple reason  many people avoid renters insurance is that they think it is too expensive. And when you think about how much you already pay for your car policy, it’s understandable to not want another expensive bill each month. 

However, a rental policy is very affordable. In fact, you’ll pay less per week for coverage than it would cost you to buy a couple of nice drinks at Cafe Du Monde. And you can always get both your automobile and renters coverage through the same carrier to bring your overall costs down. 

3. You Don’t Own Enough Stuff to Need Renters Insurance 

Many who rent are used to moving from place to place and traveling light. Because of this, a great many Louisiana renters think they don’t have enough stuff to even need the protection of this specialized insurance. 

However, we encourage you to take a quick look around the room and imagine how expensive it would be to replace everything if it was suddenly lost. Things like your television, computer, and furniture would cost many thousands of dollars to replace in the event of a catastrophe. For a fraction of that cost, you can give all of your possessions the protection they deserve. 

4. Accidents Aren’t Covered 

This coverage is obviously useful in the event of a fire. However, countless renters hold off on getting this policy because they worry that they won’t be able to file a claim in the event they cause an accident. 

In reality, most carriers offer protections for a variety of events, including certain accidents you may cause. We encourage you to check the fine print for any coverage before you sign for it so that you can put your mind at ease. 

Young couple excited to move into their rental home

5. My Roommate’s Insurance Will Cover Me 

It’s an open secret that it’s getting expensive to rent a home in Louisiana. From New Orleans to Baton Rouge and beyond, if you’re renting, you are likely to have a roommate to help cover the costs. If your roommate has a renters policy, you might think that you are already covered by their policy. 

Sadly, this is not the case. Most of the time, a renters policy is tied to an individual and will only protect the items owned by that individual. In the event of a fire as outlined above, your roommate’s possessions would be covered but not your own. Fortunately, it’s never too late to get your own policy. 

6. It Only Pays for Belongings 

Speaking of items, many people imagine that renters insurance only covers their items. While it’s true that protecting your most expensive items is one of the best features of this coverage, you actually get protections that extend far past your personal property. 

For example, your policy will come with special liability and medical coverage, and this can protect you from some very expensive lawsuits. For example, let’s say that you have a guest over and they get injured in your home. If they think it’s your fault that they got hurt (and this can be from something as simple as a dog bite), they may take you to court over the matter. 

The harsh truth is that even if you successfully defend yourself, the court costs would be enough to put you in major debt. With a renters policy, you not only get liability coverage against legal fees, but you can also cover the medical costs of the injured party (which is often enough to keep them from suing you). 

7. Natural Disasters Aren’t Covered 

Far too many who rent homes in Louisiana avoid getting renters insurance because they think that natural disasters aren’t covered. However, while flooding (a major concern to many Louisiana residents) isn’t covered, many other natural disasters are. 

For example, your policy will likely protect you against hail, fire, and lightning (but not things like flooding or wind damage). Combined with the fact that it protects you against theft and vandalism, this policy may be the single best way to protect your home and your possessions when you are away. 

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